Integrity • Generosity • Creativity • Humor

To carry the bookkeeping load with integrity and a sense of humor so our clients can continue to do what they started their businesses to do.  Creatively striving to give back and give generously to those less fortunate.

Let us help you get started to the land of organized chaos.

90% of my clients have a form of customization for the first project I complete.  My clients are so busy executing their plan of action for their business, and really making an impact in their communities that bookkeeping is one of the last orders of business.  It is my sincere pleasure to help and put together a bookkeeping plan of attack that will fit your business.  That means, you may not fit inside the pricing levels, so lets work together and customize something that works for you and your organization.

“What’s in the box” is my funny way of asking for, but hoping you do not have, all your receipts in a shoebox.  My staff and I are willing to take the shoebox and organize your financial thoughts to assemble the accounting system that you can count on and use daily.

Call me and lets set up a time to talk through your project.