Integrity • Generosity • Creativity • Humor

To carry the bookkeeping load with integrity and a sense of humor so our clients can continue to do what they started their businesses to do.  Creatively striving to give back and give generously to those less fortunate.

Let Virtual Bookkeeping Set Up Your Quickbooks

When QB is set up correctly initially it moves cleanly and efficiently down the bookkeeping highway.  If the setup isn’t right everything goes off kilter from there and becomes very complicated to cleanup and correct

Standard Setup: $300

Company Data                                    Chart of Account Setup
Item Setup                                              Customer / Job Setup
Class Structure                          Beginning Balance Establishment

Premium Setup: $450

Premium Set Up includes all standard options above and
Customization* of Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Statements (up to 4 versions).

*A customization is a specialized layout and presentation of the invoice to match your brand.